Jeremie Cruz

Jeremie Cruz was born and raised in the culinary capital of New York city. Since childhood, he had been interested in learning to cook. He was always surrounded by homeless guest or people that didn’t have relatives, especially in the holidays this was his parents way of blessing others with their cooking. As a teenager he moved to Puerto Rico, and started working in local bakeshops and fondas. But as he progressed in school he became eager to study engineering. Once graduated he went on to work and study. In 1993 the Conquistador Resort reopened its doors and he was given the opportunity to form part of the opening team, working his way up from utility to dishwasher, and was blessed to be spotted by one of the celebrated chefs, Chef Treviño. He became a prep cook, and worked his way up under the umbrella of Chef Dayne Smith and Chef Ramesh Pillai. He was granted a scholarship by tourism to advance studies at the Culinary Institute of America.

Chef Jeremie’s dedication and innovation earned him chef responsibilities for the restaurants at El Conquistador and Las Casitas Village, being Cassave Restaurant for many the platform of Nuevo Latino cuisine in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. His experiences continued in other properties. In 2000, he took on the challenge of running the culinary operations under the umbrella of Creative Food Concepts, captivating recognition for The Belle Epoque Restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the interim of this time from 1997-2002 he became member of the National Culinary Team of Puerto Rico and trainer, earning many achievements including being named Caribbean Chef of the year 1997-1998.
Chef Jeremie’s trainings include French chefs Paul Bocuse, Gerald Boyer, and Phillipe Legande. Jeremie was also featured in Gourmet Magazine and in the Great Chefs of the World television program for the Discovery Channel, and represented Puerto Rico at the Rising Star Chefs awards of the XXI Century at the James Beard Awards in 2000. Presently he is the Executive Chef at Villa Montana Beach Resort in Isabela, Puerto Rico a beautiful Ecological hotel where his menus are based on local seafood and agriculture.