Osvaldo Ortega

Chef Osvaldo Ortega has over many years of experience in the Culinary Arts within the Hospitality Industry. As a child he was inspired by rustic and pure ingredients from his grandfather that raised farm animals and always cooks what was available in season. He began her professional career 2009 completed his Culinary Degree.  At the age of 18 Chef Osvaldo began his journey in the culinary experience as Casa Italia restaurant. In 2009 Chef Osvaldo got the opportunity to work at La Concha Hotel & Resort as a Line Cook. While polishing his technics and mentorship of Jannette Berrios; he participated in the various competitions locally and internationally that awarded him the title of Jr Chef of the Caribbean for the Culinary National team of PR in 2010 .

In 2012 He was promoted to Chef D’ Partie and was part of the Re Opening Team of the Hotel’s Main Restaurant (Voga). (As he continued to evolve he moved to Miami, FL for a three month training in 2013. )  He decided to come back at La Concha Hotel & Resort and lead the culinary team as a Restaurant               Sous Chef.  Promptly promoted to Banquet Chef and second on charge with Exec. Chef Erika Gomez.

In November 2015 Chef Osvaldo became part of the The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino team as a Chef D’ Cuisine and oversees the culinary operations.

He has had the opportunity to be part of creating continues evolving culinary experience that The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel Casino has to offer including various important events such as la Gala de Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.  Also Chef Osvaldo believes in the culinary experiences that capture all your senses; respecting the integrity of the ingredients.

Always searching for the next perfect bite.