Xiomara Bermudez

Xiomara Bermudez always have had a passion for the art of cooking. Beginning as a small child she was always enthusiastic to learn new things in the kitchen. And that type of passion is exactly what has driven her to pursue her career in Culinary Arts.

Xiomara had attended to Saborea Event before and she worked alongside known Chefs such as Cielito Rosado and Master Chef Augusto Schreiner. This has helped her gain much experience and knowledge, and has motivated her to aim higher on her Culinary Career, she became Pastry Chef for Cielito Rosado Cocina Artesanal sometime ago.

Today Xiomara is the Pastry Chef of the First Starbene Café (from Il Nuovo Mercato) outside Italy. A new concept 100% Italian in which she plays a very important role by supervising the production of Pastries, a variation of French Bread and Gelatos.